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Arms firms eye Paris air show order bonanza

On the face of it, the Paris air show - to be held later this month - is all about the civil aviation and space industries. But the biennial exhibit is at least as much about billions of dollars of military spending.
A broad range of companies, ranging from small component makers to giant defence and security firms such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Finmeccanica and Northrop Grumman, will fill the 130,000 square metres (1.4m sq ft) of exhibition space in the chalets and halls on the edge of Le Bourget airport's runway.
With more than 200 official delegations from 88 countries, many in the arms industry are expecting their order books to be dramatically boosted this year, industry officials and military officers have told BBC News.
Military conflict obviously bolsters arms sales, because it uses up weapons and ammunition, and there has been plenty of it in recent months.
Conflict uses up weapons and ammunition, which need to be replaced In particular, several countries th…

Spinning the Economy to a Recovery

Remember back in early-2009, when the mainstream media (MSM) started with the ridiculous “green shoots” talking point?  Even though the data was dismal and there were no signs of the economy recovering, the “green shoots” term was used by just about everyone in the MSM.  I think not long after economist Nouriel Roubini said that the much talked about “green shoots” was really “yellow weeds,” the talking point changed to “recovery.”(Click here to read the complete “Yellow Weeds” article from professor Roubini.)Ever since, the MSM has described the so-called “economic recovery” in terms such as  “fragile,”“jobless” and “tenuous,” to name a few.   The data has repeatedly shown the “recovery” isn’t any of these terms because THERE IS NO RECOVERY.  Oh sure, the stock market has gone up, but so have the number of people on food stamps, which is at a new record of 44 million.  There is also no recovery for the 33 million people who are unemployed.  Forget the government B.S. of 9%, th…