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Ripped-off Britons: Corporate culture - are we culturally a nation of looters?

Corporate culture - are we culturally a nation of looters?The summer of 2011 saw the London riots in full view of local, national, and closed circuit television. Heedless of their audience ordinary Britons smashed and grabbed. Over the ensuing months thousands of convictions and punishments were handed out to citizens who had never faced a magistrate before and will probably never do so again. It takes an extreme hooligan to kick in a shop window. But once the window has been kicked in, it seems there are thousands of us who would step through and snatch stuff.

Corporate Britain saw the windows kicked in back in the 1980s when financial services were de-regulated. We quickly saw what well bred city gents turn into when nanny isn't around. Bankers and traders leading the scramble for loot were followed over the years by the other professions. Some dashed through immediately while others waited a decade or so to see if anything would be done to stop the looting. Eventual…

Greek 2013 Budget sees 6th year of recession |

Greek 2013 Budget sees 6th year of recession Greece will bring forward painful budget cuts to end a decade of primary deficits while grappling with a sixth year of recession, according to a 2013 budget draft aimed at satisfying international lenders. The government unveiled a tough austerity budget after Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras met the so-called "troika" of International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank inspectors, whose approval is vital to unlock the next slice of aid, urgently needed to avoid bankruptcy. Greece will aim for a primary surplus before debt service of 1.1 percent of GDP next year, the first positive balance since 2002, after a 1.5 percent deficit in 2012. But the economy will continue to shrink for a sixth year by 3.8 percent. Economic output will have declined by a quarter since 2008 in a vicious spiral of austerity and recession, with the most heavily indebted euro zone nation repeatedly missing targets set und…