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'Human price' in the capitalist equation.The evil face of Capitalism.

'Human price' in the capitalist equation (Op-Ed)The human price of a recent fire at a Bangladeshi factory was over a hundred lives, reminding the world that for "western free-market democracy," the words "human price" have another, very direct meaning.­On November 24, a horrific flash fire broke out in a 9-floor sweatshop in Dakha, Bangladesh, belonging to Tazreen Fashions Ltd., killing 117 and injuring 200 of its 1600 workers manufacturing garments for prestigious global brands like Wal-Mart, C&A, Sears and others.  This tragedy shows yet again just how much multinational companies profit from the Third World's quasi-slave labor exploitation system, marked by a total disdain for human life, dignity and justice. 
But Tazreen was just the first link in the global supply chain delivering clothes "Made in Bangladesh" to stores in Europe …