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The Deception of the Western Economic System #economy #islamicfinance #recession

The Deception of the Western Economic SystemThings are often not quite as they seem in the in West. When they talk about the liberation of nations they actually mean the imposing of colonialist occupation. When they talk about women's rights they actually mean empowerment of exploitation of women's femininity. In the UK when they talk about marriage it no longer means the coming together of a man with a woman but a man with a man. When the governments talk about reducing the government budget deficit they are in fact increasing government debt. Deception, sleight of hand, spin and distortion – are in truth what the West relies on in order to proceed from one crisis to another.Western economics is no different to other aspects of the capitalist way of life. On the face of it capitalism has bought unprecedented economic progress to the world. Never has there been a period in …