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Evernote:The Financial Crisis in America

The Financial Crisis in America

News agencies reported that the U.S. House of Representatives approved on 11/2/2014 CE to raise the U.S. debt ceiling until 15 March 2015.
America witnesses today an unenviable economic and financial situation, the U.S. economy is slowly bleeding ... The United States began its fiscal year (the first of October 2013), with the closure of the government institutions because of the dispute over the budget between the Senate and House of Representatives, in which 850 thousand employees were forced to take unpaid leave. In order to avoid declaring bankruptcy, Congress in October 2013 raised the debt ceiling to 16.7 trillion dollars until February 27, 2014. This was just a postponement of the intractable financial crisis in America. American warnings have increased regarding the failure of Washington to pay the debt, which would be a precedent and a devastating disaster, with repercussions may be more serious than the financial crisis in 2008. In the summer of…