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Understand Inflation to Retain Value of your Money

Inflation ConundrumWhat happens with every passing second, minute, hour and day? Well, we all get older! Now that was obvious wasn't it? Now, what about our wealth? Do you know that as you become older, you also become poorer? Do you know that just like you can do many things to stay young and health, you can also do many things to stay rich and wealthy? Surprised? Well read on. In this article, we examine what Inflation is, how it impacts us personally and what one needs to do about it.
The Effect of InflationAs Inflation happens, various items become more expensive. It is important to note that one reason for this is that the value of cash keeps falling.
For those of you who say that prices also fall, as in the case of cars, computers, etc, you are right, prices do fall, but they fall more because of more efficient ways to make the same product so that it costs less to make and sell. Due to competition, manufacturers are always looking at ways of making the same goods at cheaper p…