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Poisonous #Economics

The fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, coupled with the demise of the Soviet Union is seen as the symbolic end of communism as an ideology that challenged the capitalist order led by the West through the era of the cold war. Imam Khomeini refereed to this demise in its early phase, in the letter to Gorbachev, stating that communism belongs to the museum of political history of the world. The demise of communism was not difficult to predict as it works against the essence of human nature; - absolute prohibition of private enterprise is like celibacy. Basic human instinct of acquiring wealth or seeking to procreate cannot be suppressed permanently in any society. Therefore, the victory of capitalism was inevitable as it permits human (instincts) nature to flourish whilst communism seeks to suppress it.So, is the capitalist economic model ideal? Of course, unlike communism the human instincts cannot be suppressed but equally it should not be allowed to function with very little restraint…