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Money and Property: Interest and Self-Interest

From one of the most powerful and prescient books of our time, "The Ascent of Humanity" by Charles Eisenstein:Money and Property: Interest and Self-InterestIn the empires of usury the sentimentality of the man with the soft heart calls to us because it speaks of what has been lost.
-- Lewis HydeOur system of money and property contributes in many ways to the process of separation: of people from nature, from spirit, and from community. For one, the monetized life depends on distant, impersonal institutions and the anonymous specialists that compose them, rendering us less tied to our neighbors. Secondly, the nature of money transactions is closed, in contrast to open-ended gift-giving which creates obligations — literal ties that bind a community. Thirdly, by its very nature as an abstract representation of value, money creates the illusion that utility, the good, is something that can be counted and quantified. Fourth, the concept of property makes the world into a collect…